Google My Maps allows you to put custom markers (including text, images and videos) on a google map.

Here is the Sample Point Geographic Data needed for this exercise.

1.    To go and login with your google account
2.    Click create new map
3.    First, we’ll add some points to the map by importing some data—click import and upload top_travel.csv
4.    Select the column that contains the list of places you want mapped, in this case “Place”
5.    Select if you would like each dot to be labeled with the place name or it’s rank on the list 
6.    Click on any point, using the paint can icon change the color and style of the marker
7.    Click on another point, using the pencil icon edit the field to explain that the number shown is the rank of the city on trip advisors list 
8.    Click on another point, using the photo icon select an image or video of the city to attach to the point 
9.    Now let’s add some more points to the map—click add layer 
10.  Using the search bar search for a place you’d like to add to the list (it can be a city like the others or it could be a monument, park, lake, ect.) select add to map
11.  Zoom in on another place you’d like on your map—select the pin icon from under the search bar and drop the pin and save the point 
12.  Change the basemap using the drop down menu on the left
13.  Now let’s measure the distance between 2 points—select the ruler icon from under the search bar, select one point and then another to see the distance between them
14.  Add a title to your map 
15.  Look at the map preview to see what your embedded map would look like  
Google My Maps

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