Just Next Door: Announcing a Big Move and the Future of this Blog

Excerpt from “Just Next Door,” by Charles K. Harris (1902)

When we started this blog way back in 2011, we never could have guessed just how far it would go. From that first post about our “War of the Rebellion Atlas” maps being used by the U.S. Marine Corps to our coverage of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, the hidden stories in our archival collections, and the fun we had along the way, this blog has served as a time capsule, a news source, a microscope and a voice for the often unheralded work done by archivists, digitization experts, audiovisual engineers, project managers and student workers.

As often happens, situations with staffing, project focal points, physical space expansions, and the general pace of life caught up to this blog, and it’s been awhile since we posted on the regular. It’s not for a lack of things to say! On the contrary, there is no end of material to be gathered from our digitized resources, and we are committed to sharing them with you, our readers, as we move forward with the work of the Digitization and Digital Preservation Services team.

That said, we recognize that maintaining a standalone blog in an era of social media consolidation, stream aggregation, and expanding awareness of the Baylor Libraries brand is a difficult thing to ask of a small staff that is working hard to maintain and expand dozens of digital collections, preservation projects, and innovative ways to connect archival resources with a worldwide audience.

So we are excited to announce that all future posts related to the work of the DPS – and highlights from our Digital Collections – will be posted on Promoting Discovery, the official blog of the Baylor Libraries.

We will be working in coordination with our Marketing & Communications team to schedule regular blog posts with updates, collections highlights, fun facts, and recognitions of milestones achieved as we continue our important work. And don’t worry – all of our old posts will remain on this site for the time being, as well as being imported into the Promoting Discovery site. In time, we will make this site administrative access only, meaning it will be unavailable to the general public, but we will contact subscribers to this site via email to let you know where and how to access these posts in the Promoting Discovery framework.

That means this post will serve as the final word on the Digital Collections blog, and we can’t think of a more fitting way to sign off than to simply say, “Thank you!” Thank you for 10 years of time invested in reading our stories, for helpful comments, positive feedback, and the occasional crowdsourced metadata enhancements. We are proud of the work done on this blog, and we look forward to its legacy continuing as part of Promoting Discovery. So head on over there – it’s located just next door, in a digital sense – and subscribe to see what happens next. And to everyone who made this decade-long labor of love a joy every step of the way: it’s been a pleasure, and you have been amazing.

The DPS Team, past, present, and future

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