Let’s Get To Know One Another, Shall We?

Inset of photo taken at undated meeting of IOOF in Austin, Texas. See the full image here.  Image courtesy the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections, from an original held by The Texas Collection.

Thanks to a hallway conversation with our new metadata librarian, Kara Scott, I found out today that we have a couple of loyal readers from the University of Richmond. And that got me to thinking: out here in Waco, Texas, we’re excited to put new content into the realm of digital collections scholarship, but so often we don’t know much about the people who are actually reading and using our resources. So I think it’s high time we remedy that with a good old-fashioned poll! We hope you’ll take a moment to answer these questions so we can continue to provide quality content geared to the needs and interests of our readers. Let’s get started!

We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know more about yourselves. We will use your feedback to keep improving our blog, finding new ways to tailor our content to your interests, and basically continue taking over the digital collections blogging corner of the Internet, one post at a time. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

The DPG will not share your information with anyone. It will be used solely for our internal planning and evaluative purposes. If anyone calls you during dinner on a Thursday and says they got your information from us, it’s a scam. Hang up and continue enjoying your pasta.

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