Announcing A Trifecta of Upcoming Truett Posts

On most Thursdays, you expect to see a piping hot post from this blog delivered to your inbox or RSS reader. But this week, we’re going to do a brief tease for an upcoming three-part blog series centered around one of our most interesting, exciting and potentially soul-saving collections yet!

George W. Truett’s name is familiar to the Baylor family, the Baptist church, the city of Dallas and the world at large, and we’re excited to announce a major expansion of an existing digital collection featuring Truett’s sermons, delivered by the man himself, just a few short months before his death in 1944. The blog series will contain these installments:

I. How A Depression-Era Huckster’s Radio Station Brought God’s Word to Mexico – and Beyond – Via George W. Truett

II. The Power Behind the Call: Examining the Rhetorical and Presentation Styles of G.W. Truett’s Sermons

III. Announcing a Feature That Just Might Save Your Soul

Intrigued? We sure hope so! Stay tuned to this space for the first of our installments, scheduled for July 25th. And to whet your whistle for these upcoming posts, click below for a brief taste of Truett’s dulcet tones, recorded live in the pulpit on April 27, 1941!

Mañana – The Devil’s Subtle Trick

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