Creativity making creativity

My column this week looks at how several artists have used other art forms to inspire them, and the ways in which creativity can reach across what we may see as “boundaries” of the arts.  Here’s an excerpt:

At a deep level, creativity stimulates more creativity. This is hardly a revolutionary observation, as any art student who goes to a museum or musician to hear live music will testify. But at the same time it’s an interaction that’s easy to miss if the creativity happens across fields of artistic endeavor. But in the same way that for me listening to jazz can fire up my brain to tell the story of industrialization and the beginnings of urbanization in the late 19th century, so too can music lend its energy to painters. Without implying any sort of causation in terms of what the painter is producing, music will, if not exactly guide a brush, put an artist into a particular mood from which she or he wants to work.

Read the whole thing HERE in the Waco Tribune-Herald.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, King Zulu, 1986


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