OCI Session Two Presents New Opportunities

Bidding is winding down for Session Two of 2016’s Fall On-Campus Interviews (Tuesday night 11:59pm deadline), and I thought it might be helpful to talk a bit about how it came to exist and about its purpose.

Session Two is still a relatively young program.  Prior to its existence we would get a handful of employers trickling in throughout the fall wanting to interview you but who couldn’t or didn’t want to participate in the August interviews.  These employers generally took the form of small to mid-size firms, government or non-profit.

The problem was that you as the student would get a one-off email from the CDO every couple of weeks saying that an employer would be here in a few days, and to submit your application materials if you were interested.  As you might imagine, we accommodated any and all employers who did this, but at the same time knew it wasn’t the best process for you or them to find each other.

Then three years ago, we decided there were enough of these employers to make it worth creating a session just for them.  This would allow a venue for these employers to come at a point in the calendar (early October) must more suited to their needs, and also allow us to promote them to you all at one time, so you wouldn’t have to be on the lookout for any more one-off notices.

The results have been amazing.  What began as eight to ten employers has grown to 23.  We have maintained the typical employer (small/mid firm/government/non-profit), but have grown to accommodate larger mid-size firms as well as private companies.

3Ls and Alumni now have more opportunities for full-time positions (10 of 23 fit this category), and those seeking 2L positions either have another bite at the apple (if nothing or only part of a summer came out of the August session), or in some ways a first bite at the apple for those who (albeit mistakenly) believe the August session was only for those at or near the top of the class.

So as the clock ticks down on bidding for this final fall session of OCI, don’t let anything stand in your way of bidding for an employer(s) you have some interest in.  Even if you haven’t participated in OCI at all to this point, it is not too late.  Please come by the CDO and get registered ASAP and take advantage of these fantastic opportunities.  After all, how many more times will we be able to bring employers to you, before it’s going to be on you to get out and go find them?

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