Podcast Episode 101 – What Do You Do If Your Clerkship Isn’t Going Well?

What to do when the internship isn’t going well:

  • Talk to someone.
    1. At first this might be a fellow intern/clerk
    2. Then the recruiting coordinator, associate or more entry level staffer
    3. Only after things aren’t getting better should you go to partner, judge, etc.
  • Don’t complain
    1. Even if you’re right, complaining rarely makes you come off well
    2. Frame it from a standpoint of how much more the employer could be getting out of you, how much you want to improve, and how much impact you want to have
  • Improve and work harder
    1. Sometimes you aren’t getting the work you want because they don’t think you can handle it – prove them wrong
    2. Sometimes others are outworking you and beating you to the best assignments – next time beat them
  • Stay positive
    1. Back to our second point, if you start carrying around negative energy with you, it’s not going to come off well
    2. Even if you are doing great work and working hard, someone who is constantly negative is difficult if not impossible to be around for any length of time.
    3. On the flip side, your positivity can improve your standing among your peers
  • Build your reputation
    1. Even if you’re not going to get an offer, or you wouldn’t accept one, your reputation is being formed every day
    2. You don’t have much credit in the reputation bank yet, so a negative recommendation or negative review will weigh heavily on the next employer’s decision about you


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