What Can You Learn From The Class Of 2015’s Employment Success

Last month, Baylor Law School’s Class of 2015 recor ]]>

The Dallas Morning News highlighted the results. While there are a number of reasons this is the case, I want to highlight a few that you can internalize and use to your advantage in your own job search.
The Class of 2015 bought into the process. When we met with that class during orientation and again in the 2nd quarter, they listened and took to heart the core of our message: that this was their job search, their job would mostly likely come from some type of networking or relationship referral, and we were here to equip them and facilitate those opportunities so they could take advantage of them. We regularly suggest that each student commit to spending at least two hours per week on their job search, and provide a nine-quarter job search plan with specific to-do items in four categories. Planning and self-evaluation, job and employer research, application process and documents, and working the plan encompass tasks which if properly worked over three years, can have a big payoff. The Class of 2015 put in the effort and worked their plan. The Class of 2015 took advantage of opportunities presented to them. Most law schools have shown decreasing or flat OCI participation and job posting numbers in recent years, which of course leads to fewer opportunities. However we here at Baylor have seen employer growth, which we attribute to both a dedicated outreach effort to employers the past few years, and the satisfaction of employers with the work of our students and graduates. This means a couple of things for you: 1) take advantage of opportunities when they are presented. We continue to think fewer students participate in programs such as OCI than could benefit, and are leaving jobs on the table; and 2) do great work. When the dust settles, employers need people they can trust are going to work hard, do a good job, and fit into the organization’s culture. The last of these can be hard to identify until you actually start working somewhere, but the other two are completely within your control. The Class of 2015 got out there and met people. The Professional Development program came into being during this group’s time at Baylor, and they were savvy to meet and stay in touch with the various speakers (often employers) who visited Waco. They also attended alumni receptions in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth or Austin to develop their alumni connections. Finally they responded when firms hosted 1L receptions, OCI receptions and other social events here in Waco or at their home offices. These are all opportunities to meet people who directly or indirectly could have an influence on whether you get an interview or in some cases the job. Don’t discount the power of networking and relationships in your job search; it can be, and often is more important than your GPA.
We are excited to work with the Class of 2016 and get them across the job search finish line in the coming months, and trust they will continue in the footsteps of the class ahead of them. If any of you have questions about your job search or just need to get one started, please follow one last Class of 2015 success strategy and come in early and often. We are here to help right now! Connect with Daniel at Daniel_Hare@Baylor.edu and/or@BaylorLawDaniel on Twitter. Job of the Week: Each week I highlight a job in Symplicity you might be interested in but may have missed. This week’s job is: Associate Attorney at Devadoss Law Firm in Dallas (Alumni) Log in to Symplicity to view this job and apply.

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