Want To Work In The Big Apple? Takeways From My New York City Excursion

When I was in law school, I had the good fortune to obtain a 1L clerkship with the in-house department of a company in New York City. I wasn’t seeking out the Big Apple specifically; I just wanted to work in sports. But it occurs to me that there are a number of you who either are, or would be interested in, an opportunity in New York (or for that matter, an out-of-state major market). I was just there at the end of January for a NALP conference, and had the chance to visit a number of legal employers as well*. Let me tell you what I learned.

In some ways, New York is similar to the large markets here. You have a group of big law firms setting the employment trends for everyone else, and then a ton of other employers of all types, sizes and varieties. Specific opportunities I came across on this trip were in-house internships/clerkships, and the district attorney’s office for full-time positions. New York is the financial capital of the world, so it is filled with companies possessing an in-house legal department. I met with several, and all were open to receiving resumes from Baylor students for internships and clerkships, though they don’t post positions here (or in some cases anywhere). These jobs are great for the 1L summer, providing experience and a network of contacts you can call on down the line. Being for-profit, they also tend to be paying gigs (though it is New York, so you’ll need a decent check just to pay the rent!). For those interested in full-time opportunities, the best option might just be the district attorney’s offices. I met with the New York County (Manhattan office) recruiting folks, and they were very receptive to our message and what Baylor Law students and graduates have to offer. They are open to those outside the top of the class (though the jobs are competitive), but you do need to be able to demonstrate your commitment to criminal law and prosecuting. One note on the big law firms, as I did spend some time with them. The best way to get in the door might just be to make a stop in a judicial clerkship first before applying. While they will accept your resumes and give you a look, my impression is it will be a challenge to get an interview while in law school or immediately after. And look, if you’re at that level, a judicial clerkship ought to probably be a serious consideration for you anyway. So if you are interested in spending time in New York City, you should come see me so I can share more specifics with you. The contacts I’ve made there were gracious and helpful, and I’m certain would be a good place for you to start even if they don’t have an opportunity immediately available for you. My 1L summer in New York was a law school career highlight, and I would love to help any of you experience something similar if you have the interest.

*Employers visited: Major League Soccer, Estee Lauder, Time Warner Cable, Common Legal, New York County District Attorney’s Office, Moody’s Investor Service, Major League Baseball Networks, Sullivan & Cromwell.

Connect with Daniel atDaniel_Hare@Baylor.edu and/or @BaylorLawDaniel on Twitter. Job of the Week: Each week I highlight a job in Symplicity you might be interested in but may have missed. This week’s job is: OATH Legal Internship Program(1L/2L, New York City) Log in to Symplicity to view this job and apply.

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