\par What Is the CDSAC? \par

What is the CDSAC?

Today marks the first gathering of our Career Development Office Student Advisory Committee (CDSAC; like S.H.I.E.L.D. we’re still working on the name). Many of you may not know of this committee, but it is a collection of two students from each class which meets quarterly during the year.\par \par The purpose of the committee is to: 1) Allow you as students, through your representatives, to bring ideas, comments and concerns to us, and 2) Allow our office to communicate with you any updates, new initiatives, responses to past issues/concerns, etc.\par \par Agenda items in recent years that have been raised by CDSAC include: 1) CDO communication with students, 2) OCI employer participation, 3) efforts to help those outside the top of the class, 4) guest speakers to bring in (or not) and 5) providing more structure for a 1L job search. \par \par Our office is always open to any of you who wish to communicate with us directly, but we know that doesn’t always happen for any number of reasons. So we find this is a very important alternative vehicle to allow you to communicate with our office.\par \par Each year the representatives will rotate on/off, so for a current list you can go to the CDSAC webpage. We strongly encourage you to seek these reps out and share with them anything about the CDO that’s on your mind. We take all student feedback seriously, and will certainly respond with action if we feel it is in the best interest of the student body and the law school to do so. \par \par I would also encourage those of you thinking about ways to get involved on campus to consider joining our committee next year. The positions are appointed by the Student Bar Association, so you can reach out to those representatives to express your interest.\par \par We look forward to hearing from you, and working with all of the 2014-15 CDSAC members.\par \par Connect with Daniel at Daniel_Hare@Baylor.edu and/or @BaylorLawDaniel on Twitter.\par \par Job of the Week: Each week I highlight a job in Symplicity you might be interested in but may have missed. This week's job is: Assistant City Attorney with City of Waco (3L, Alumni) Log in to Symplicity to view this job and apply. \par ]]>\par

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