\par \par What Does The Changing Legal Landscape Mean For You?\par \par

What Does The Changing Legal Landscape Mean For You?

\par \par You likely hear and read quite a bit about the struggles and transformation going on in the legal industry, most notably in big law firms. Cary Gray from Looper, Reed & McGraw (and also a Baylor regent) was just on campus Thursday to share his thoughts on the topic; hopefully you were able to attend. But what does it mean for you? How should what's going on impact what you do now in law school, both in preparing yourself to be a new attorney but from our standpoint how you go about looking for your first job? I would suggest two key ideas: 1) expand your idea of what a first year attorney can do and where they can work, and 2) look more critically at the leadership and direction of the traditional employers you consider. Click here to read full post.\par \par ]]>\par

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