We are an informal gathering of friends who meet once a week over lunch to discuss a variety of topics. Our focus is on growing our understanding of what the practice of faith in Christ looks like when informed by an appreciation of Nature. The first meeting was in the East Village dining hall, one Wednesday in the early part of the Fall 2014 semester. Since then, we moved our meetings to the Baylor Science Building, and as of this semester (Spring 2016) we meet on Tuesdays.

Our lively discussions are attended regularly by faculty from Biology, Physics, Philosophy, Great Texts, a Ph.D candidate in Theology, a full-time staff member from ITS, and undergrads from Bioinformatics. We throw the invitation wide open to any who would join us in a mutually respectful, occasionally rowdy, always enthusiastic conversation-of-the-week. We hope to document these conversations here on this blog. Check back often and feel free to add to the comments!

Faith in Christ informed by an appreciation of Nature