Update your site to avoid deactivation

IMPORTANT: If you received a notification that one or more of your sites will be retired due to inactivity, please follow these steps to keep active ALL those affected sites for which you are the primary administrator. After logging in, click Dashboard > My Sites to see a list of all your sites.

Beginning June, 2013, we will begin retiring inactive sites that have not been updated in a year or more. This process is necessary to keep the overall number of sites within a reasonable limit and to prevent unauthorized users (i.e., graduated students or employees who have left Baylor University) from accessing the system.

As administrators of the system, we can view a site’s “Last_Updated” timestamp to get an idea of how often it is used. The image below, for example, shows two sites that have never been updated:

While some users visit and update their sites regularly, many users may only make one or two changes to their sites per year. Unfortunately, editing an existing post or page will not change the “Last_Updated” timestamp. But writing a new blog post will do the trick: Simply log in, make a new blog post, save it, and log out . When we notify you that one or more of your sites is scheduled for removal due to lack of activity, you can use this process to keep those sites active.

How to create a new blog post to update your site

To learn how to write a new post, visit this simple step-by-step guide. The post can even be immediately removed if you are simply doing this as an exercise to update your site’s “Last_Updated” timestamp.

Additional resources

Would you like to take your site with you when you graduate or leave Baylor? Consider using WordPress’s built-in export tool to take your content elsewhere.