Crouch Library History on View

Our current exhibit looks back at the early years of the Crouch Fine Arts Library.  This is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Moody Memorial Library Building, which opened in the fall of 1968.

The exhibit features the earliest architectural sketches for the Music Library, as it was then known.  Articles, photos, and other memorabilia remind us just how very different libraries and music listening were then compared with today.

This exhibit will run through the month of September.


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Artist Books On Exhibit

The current exhibit in the Crouch Fine Arts Library, Shining Lights in the Book Arts, features works by five recent Baylor graduates: AliAnn Rushing Attilio, Brianna Greenwell, Jillian Shaw, Caitlin Warren, and Samira Xie.  Each of their works explores the artist book format in a unique and personal way.  They were created as part of a class in the Department of Art, then subsequently added to the Baylor Libraries’ permanent collection of around 1,000 artist books.

For more information about the Book Arts Collection, see the Special Collections pages of the Crouch Fine Arts Library website.  Items not on exhibit are available for viewing by appointment.


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LP Give-Away Continues

The Crouch Library’s two-day give-away of LP vinyl records started at noon yesterday with subdued frenzy.  But there are lots of them left, so come by today and see what treasures you can find for your collection!

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On Exhibit: Cantigas de Santa Maria

One of the earliest surviving music manuscripts from Spain.  A wonder of visual art.  A window into the lives of Europeans in the 13th century.  The subject of our current Crouch Library exhibit, the Cantigas de Santa Maria, is all of those things and more.  While we only have space to display three of these illustrated songs, the codex contains more than 400 songs celebrating the Virgin Mary.

The Crouch Library does not own the original manuscript, but rather a facsimile–a high-quality, full-color reproduction that makes this one-of-a-kind medieval work accessible to modern-day scholars.  When not on display, it is available by appointment to faculty and students for research and study.

The exhibit will be on display until the end of May.

Crouch Library Exhibit


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DRAM updates

The DRAM music streaming service has announced several additions and enhancements–see details below.  They specialize in small, independent labels, so this is where you can find a lot of contemporary music recordings that are not available elsewhere online.  To connect to DRAM, start at the Baylor Libraries website and find it in the Electronic Resources Directory ( or in BearCat ( )

  • DRAM now offers improved search capability, with a friendlier display that makes search results easier to understand.
  • DRAM recently added eight new recording labels (about 200 albums): Einstein Records of New York City; Firehouse 12 Records of New Haven, Connecticut; b-boim records of Vienna, Austria; Porter Records of Winter Park, Florida; Edition Wandelweiser of Haan, Germany; Peacock Recordings and Skirl Records, both of Brooklyn, New York; and BMOP/sound, the label of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
  • Also added: 20 newly digitized LPs from the CRI (Composers Recordings, Inc.) label, with around 400 CRI LPs to come over the coming months. These titles have never before been available in a digital format.  Each album includes the original liner notes.


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LP give-away in progress

The Crouch Fine Arts Library is giving away hundreds of excess LP vinyl records–mostly Classical, with other genres mixed in, like Country and Broadway musicals.  If you are into vinyl, come by and pick up some for yourself.  They will be available near the Service Desk through Thursday, Jan. 25, or until they are gone–whichever comes first!


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Eighteenth-Century Handel Scores on Exhibit

Our current exhibit features a pair of Handel oratorios: his well-known Messiah, and Athalia from a few years before.  These scores are from 1780s London, and are in quite good condition.  While they were not published during Handel’s lifetime, they were issued within 30 years after his death.

The publisher’s dedication to the King (George III) provides a window into English culture at that time.  And the engraving of angels and shepherds in the Messiah score is spectacular!  If you can’t get to the Library before the break, not to worry.  The exhibit will continue through the month of January.

exhibit case containing Handel's Messiah and Athalia

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‘Tis the season for Christmas music!

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst

Ready to get into the Christmas spirit?  The Crouch Fine Arts Library helps you to celebrate the season with great music from all styles and eras.

  • To listen online, choose from the many playlists and album lists that we’ve gathered for you on our website.  If you are outside the Baylor network, you will be prompted to log in with your Bear ID and password before connecting to the recordings.
  • In the Crouch Fine Arts Library, we have hundreds of Christmas CDs available for check-out at the Service Desk.  To get the call numbers, follow this link to BearCat or ask a staff member if you would like some assistance.

Happy holiday listening!

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new exhibit

Stop by to see our current exhibit on the history behind our alma mater, “That Good Old Baylor Line.”  Be sure to check out some of the other songs that did not get picked–you may be glad!

exhibit case


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Position Opening

The Crouch Library has a position opening for Evening Supervisor. For information, application, and the job description, visit  This is a permanent position, so current Baylor students are not eligible.

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