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Assistant Director for Marketing & Communication, Libraries and ITS and adjunct lecturer in Department of Museum Studies, Baylor University.

The two biggest additions to Moody 104 this week are actually notable subtractions: namely, the filling in of existing doors on the south wall and the opening up of a new grand entrance in the southeast corner that will welcome people into the space. Much progress has also been made on the electrical conduit and framing out of two projector walls on the north and south ends of the room.


Demolition of the old office spaces began yesterday (March 26) and after a day's work, the walls have come tumbling down. Great progress made in just a single day.

Big changes are afoot at the Central Libraries as we begin renovations to the space currently known as Moody 104. Located behind the main circulation desk on the 1st floor of Moody Memorial Library, the space had previously housed a number of different library services and was most recently home to a flexible use space.

The plans for Moody 104's transformation include demolition of several small offices, removal of several doors to the main Moody stacks area, new carpet and paint, updated wall treatments and lighting and more. The finished area will house flexible furniture, movable technology and adaptable seating capable of accommodating classroom lectures, small group work and much more.

Estimated completion date of the renovations is May 30th. For updates, please regularly visit the Central Libraries News and Notes blog ( and look for stories listed under the category 2018 Renovations - Moody 104. For questions or immediate assistance, please visit the first floor circulation desk in Moody Memorial Library or callĀ 254-710-3200.

This week, we welcomed two classes of Pre-K children from Baylor's Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development. The teachers there asked their students what kinds of field trips they wanted to take this year, and one of them was to a "big library," and what bigger library in town than our own Moody Memorial Library!

I was excited to take these eager young learners on a tour of the building, talk to them about what kinds of things people do at the library, and show them samples of books (an oversized atlas and a tiny book, a rare edition of Le Avventure del Piccolo Ippopotamo by Dorothy Kunhardt, translated into Portuguese, 1949). The tour closed with a reading of B Is For Baylor, complete with an all-class Sic 'Em!

Thanks to our friends at Piper for bringing your enthusiastic, excited and - we hope - lifelong library fans for a visit. Come back any time!

All photos by Marketing & Communications intern Kailey Davis.