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50 for 50 : Numbers 16 – 13

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Moody Memorial Library, we are counting down 50 unique items from the special collections housed in the half-century-old building.
This month we are highlighting four books also considered to be works of art. The Baylor Libraries' Book Arts Collection, which began in 2007, contains over 1200 items, most of which are known as “artist’s books.” In the broadest definition, artist’s books are the creations of artists working in the medium of the book or with the “idea of the book.” Enjoy these treasures chosen by this collection's curator, Sha Towers.


#16 : Panorama by book artist Julie Chen (2008). Limited edition of 100 copies.


#15 : Sometimes I Pretend: A Poem by poet Naomi Nye and book artists Peter and Donna Thomas (2014). Limited edition of 35 copies.


#14 : Smoke by book artist Amy Pirkle (2013). Limited edition of 30 copies.


#13 : Wide White Holes by book artist Katya Reka (2013). One-of-a-kind artist’s book.



You can access these materials by arranging a visit with our special collections staff! To make an appointment, please visit our web page:

This post is part of the 50 for 50 series highlighting 50 unique and fascinating items found in the Central Libraries' special collections. The series is being held as part of the ongoing celebration of Moody Memorial Library's 50th anniversary.

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