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50 for 50: Numbers 36 – 33

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Moody Memorial Library, we are counting down 50 unique items from the special collections housed in the half-century-old building. For this edition, we will celebrate spring and growy things with a look at a few of our oldest botanical books. (apologies to those suffering from allergies!)

36 - 33

Welcome to the world of botanical history. These are pre-linnaean, meaning they are written prior to Carolus Linnaeus’ creation of our modern taxonomy of natural genera and species of organisms. Linnaeus lived between 1707-78.


#36 : "Commentaires...Dioscoride..." by Pietro Andrea Mattioli (1501-1577)


#35 : "Cruydeboek" by Rembert Dodoens (1517-1585)


#34 : "The Anatomy of Plants" by Nehemiah Grew (1641-1712)


#33 : "Historia Muscorum" by Johann Jakob Dillenius (1687-1747)

You can access these materials by arranging a visit with our special collections staff! To make an appointment, please visit our web page:

This post is part of the 50 for 50 series highlighting 50 unique and fascinating items found in the Central Libraries' special collections. The series is being held as part of the ongoing celebration of Moody Memorial Library's 50th anniversary.

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