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by Beth Farwell

With the beginning of a new year, I am reminded of our newest young researchers who visit our special collections. English classes from Waco's Live Oak Classical School, local homeschool groups, and an inquisitive group from Coram Deo Academy in North Texas have all explored these rich resources.
Coram Deo Academy 3
The goal with each class is to engage these potential researchers with primary resources. These original documents and raw materials of history provide a rich background for exploring critical thinking skills and constructing knowledge.
Coram Deo Academy 4

Classes are able to look at original resources dating from pre-1300s to current day with newly crafted artist's books.

Coram Deo Academy 2

Introducing them to the volumes is only part of the engagement.

Coram Deo Academy 1

Through various activities, students learn how special collections and archives are accessed, adding definitions of 'facsimile' and other rare book glossary terms to their vocabulary.

Coram Deo Academy 5

Baylor Libraries looks forward to the future through our newest researchers!

To see these treasures in person and for more information, please visit our webpage:

Many thanks and best wishes to these future researchers! Thank you to our wonderful photographers, Ben Johansen and Carl Flynn!