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GPS WorkShops

GPS Workshops

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Baylor Graduate Department
The Graduate School offers several free, interrelated workshops each academic year designed to help our students succeed throughout their academic journey at Baylor and even beyond graduation. The workshops are branded as GPS Workshops: Grad Pathways for Success under the auspices of the Baylor University Graduate School.

spring 2019 Workshops

Building an Online Presence, Part 2

Thursday February 28th| 2:30 pm| E.234

Dani Crain and Keighley Reisenauer

This second part in the Website Building Workshop series offers a more in-depth conversation about the ins and outs of building a website, how to get it to show up on Google, and the best strategies to get the best bang for your buck.

Also… free food and coffee.


  • Tips and Tricks for website building
  • Exploring R Blogdown
  • Exploring Word Press
  • Q&A / Free work time

Fall 2018 Workshops


Hosted Friday Oct 26

Dr. Leigh Greathouse, Nutritional Sciences

CEGSS as we invited Dr. Leigh Greathouse to share her knowledge about networking. She reviewed the best tips and tricks of the trade, and shared what has made her so successful. Attendees shared their own concerns and received feedback over coffee and snacks.

Establishing an Online Presence, Part 1

Hosted Monday December 3

After receiving feedback from the Networking workshop, CEGSS hosted a personal website building workshop. The first in a two-part series, this session featured Dr. Craig Clarkson, who has worked with building a strong online presence, and shared how those online tools are used in the job search.

Anyone can Google “things to include on a website,” but what is less clear is how search and review committees are using the tools we put on the internet. Coffee and snacks were provided.