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Deadline for Calendar Pictures

July 1, 2018

Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in the first CEGSS Calendar! We now have our list put together of who will be doing which month (see bottom of e-mail). We are still needing someone for one more month, so if anyone is interested but didn’t get a chance to sign up on the poll please contact either Grace, Felicia, or me and we will be sure to get you in that spot.

We are working with Vistaprint to make these desktop calendars which will also include Baylor specific dates/holiday. With the discount they have given us we will be able to sell them for $15 each. The calendar will begin with the month of August, so our goal is to have all the pictures collected by July 1st. This will give us enough time to put it together and have it shipped here by August. We will keep you all updated on the process!

Picture requirements (due by July 1st): For the month you have please send us a picture of you and your pets (no selfies) with a theme relevant to the month. Be as creative as you’d like! If you are having trouble coming up with a theme idea or need someone to take the photo for you please ask, we are happy to help in any way you need 😄landscape pictures would work best if possible, as it should allow room in case we need to do some cropping to fit it in the space. Just keep in mind cropping edges may happen.

Thanks again everyone for helping to make this idea a reality!