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The Best Running Back in the NFL
When discussing who should be considered the best running back in the National Football League, many names come to mind.  By far the top three, however, are undoubtedly Le'veon Bell of the Steelers, Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys, and David Johnson o (More)
Whether or not the New York Yankees Should Sign Aroldis Chapman
At the 2016 MLB trade deadline, the New York Yankees traded all-star closer Aroldis Chapman to the Chicago Cubs in return for a plethora of prospects.  However, following the conclusion of the season, Chapman has become a free agent and the two sides (More)
GO RED SOX. I had to start off that way because if you are a Yankees fan.......this blog will not be your favorite. All jokes aside The Boston Red Sox have been and will always be my favorite MLB team. Whether they are on the worst losing streak or w (More)
Coming from the state of Connecticut aka where UCONN is located, basketball is a big deal. The Uconn women are currently on a 78+ winning streak and are dominating. Growing up the men and women's were always #1 and winning championships back to back. (More)
Football back home was just another sport. My high schools team did not win ANY games my entire time there. Losing that much wasn't even a big deal, it was more of a running joke. The only reason you went to football games was to see your friends pla (More)
Injuries suck, there is nothing good about them. When they do you always feel like it is at the most inconvenient time, but when you do get injured you need to learn how to embrace it and not fight it. If you fight it, it will take longer to get heal (More)
First Practice
I remember walking into my first practice scared to death. Scared of messing up, not being liked, and letting my coaches down. It felt like a tremendous about of  pressure, but when I started to do things I realized that it wasn't all that scary. All (More)
Coach Fee
I have a coach named Coach Fee, she has only been my coach since august. Even know she hasn't been coaching me long she has made a very big impact on my life already. She is one of the types of coaches you are scared to death inside of practice but o (More)
Dallas Stars
Ooooo the Dallas Stars were my first love. No seriously they were. My mom and dad were huge Stars fans and even had season tickets when I was growing up. My earliest sports memories came from Stars games. I still love hockey and the Stars but my love (More)
Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs are my newest Dallas team that I watch. I remember it really well when I started to watch the Mavs. That was also the same time I started watching basketball. It was when I was in 7th grade, and the big craze among my friends was the NBA 2k1 (More)
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