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Manchester United V. Arsenal
Over this past weekend, Manchester United and Arsenal played each other. Although I was not able to watch it, I heard it was an excellent game. End-To-end and almost constant action. Manchester United's goalie made some excellent saves and the game f (More)
Fantasy Week 13
It all comes down to this week. Currently three of the 4 playoff spots have been taken in my fantasy football league. My record is currently 6-6 and my opponent for this week is also 6-6. We are competing for the final playoff spot and at the moment, (More)
My business idea
So a few weeks into my time at Baylor I had a business idea. Its a very simple idea but I think it could be a very profitable one. The name for the company is "BearsBuyBoards". the company would rent and sell longboards to the students at Baylor with (More)
Baylor Football!
This is the last game in this semester. I really want to run the line but we arrived a little bit late... In the beginning, Baylor touched down really quick and everyone was so so so excited. However, we lose again. Hope they can get a better grade n (More)
intramural flag football
This semester I got involved in a competitive league intramural flag football team. I was invited because one of the captains, Cameron East, was my leader at the Baylor Christian Leadership Institute camp which I attended last year. The guys I had th (More)
Cowboy's Updated Playoff Chances
After a win against division rival Washington Redskins, the Cowboys find their playoff chances alive, barely. In order to get into the playoffs, the cowboys need to win in their last four games. They also need help from a number of teams. The biggest (More)
Track and Field
This was the biggest, most constant thing in my life for roughly six years.  When I started out, I bounced around doing several different events.  I was mainly a sprinter, the longest distance I would do without resisting, was the 800 meter run.  Alt (More)
Childhood sports
Growing up I was constantly doing a sport.  There it were several seasons of soccer, a season of volleyball and basketball, even some roller hockey.  As you can probably guess from my several seasons of soccer, it was my favorite.  I think that I enj (More)
Should Professional Athletes be Allowed to Sit During the National Anthem
Recently this year, mediocre quarterback Colin Kaepernick, caused national outrage because he chose to sit during the national anthem because he felt oppressed. While free speech is allowed and encouraged in the U.S.A, Kaepernick is disrespecting tho (More)
Which Two Teams Will Appear in the Super Bowl
The year 2016 has seen many pre-season NFL power house teams fall apart while others rise.  Representing the NFC, I would expect to see the Dallas Cowboys due to the fact that they have so far dominated mostly every team they have played.  For the AF (More)
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