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No-Fault Capitalism?…
Skrillex the Symbol
social currents pulsing through a Skrillex concert James C. McKinley Jr.’s January 27 New York Times article, “More)
Family Values
Two really big issues in the news these days are gay rights and women’s rights to abortion. In one article called “When States Abuse Women” by Nicholas D. Kristof, Texas is specifically targeted on their new law that limits a woman’s right to decide (More)
Equal Sports Competitions
In a recent article in the New York Times called “No Backing Down in Women’s Right to Compete” by Christopher Clarey, the issues of gender involvement in the Olympic games was brought up. Over the years, more and more women have began to compet (More)
Young Adults in Prison
In the New York Time’s article, “Children Can Never Be Safe In Prisons”, they discuss the issue of people under the age of 18 being placed in a prison with adults. Many young adults are being placed in prisons and studies show that adults younger the (More)
College Advantages
In a New York Times’ article that was published earlier this year, Tamar Lewin talks about a recent study that investigated the advantages that legacy applicants get when applying to colleges. In this particular study, there were thirty schools that (More)
Durkheim and Same-Sex Marriage
I loved Durkheim’s take on social development and the necessity of individual thought in the progression of society. He says, “Nothing is good indefinitely and to an unlimited extent.” (92), he also says, “To make progress, individual originality mus (More)
Weber and Prop 8′s Unconstitutionality I hate politics, and I hate celebrities, so writing about the few things we have talked about in class seem (More)
De Bois and Sweat Shops I found an article from the washington post about protests against Apple all over the country because of the p (More)
Santorum, Women, and Gilman
There are a few different topics brought up in this Washington Post article, involving women in combat roles, women in the work place, abortion, birth control, and gays in the military. I know that Gilman would have quite a few opinions about Santoru (More)
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