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Higher Education
I currently go to Baylor University and I am studying Exercise Physiology and Pre-Med. I plan on attending medical school at Johns Hopkins University and using my degree to work and help my parents pay for my schooling. Then, I will get through my re (More)
My senior year, I decided to finally put myself into powerlifting to build my physical strength. As the season progressed I realized that I was pretty good at it! I ended up with the 1st place metal for 3 meets in a row and was the first in my region (More)
Color Guard
Color guard is honestly the best thing that happened to me in high school. I thank all of my teammates and mainly my instructor for helping me be more open with others and myself as well. I started out super shy and afraid of mistakes but ended up be (More)
My business idea
So a few weeks into my time at Baylor I had a business idea. Its a very simple idea but I think it could be a very profitable one. The name for the company is "BearsBuyBoards". the company would rent and sell longboards to the students at Baylor with (More)
intramural flag football
This semester I got involved in a competitive league intramural flag football team. I was invited because one of the captains, Cameron East, was my leader at the Baylor Christian Leadership Institute camp which I attended last year. The guys I had th (More)
My Future
Hello there everyone, this post is about my future and what I want to do with my life. As of June my plans were to attend Baylor University to pursue a pre-dental with a minor in business management but once I sat down with my advisor at orientation (More)
College is all about being by yourself. You realize things about you that you didn't even know you did. Not having those people with you that know everything about you is scary, because you now have to open up all over again. You also are on your own (More)
Picking a Major
Only being a freshman, I don't have a lot of advice; but more relatable thoughts. Coming to college and having no idea what you want to do with your life is normal. Being a pre-business major, I have so many options. I think taking your time and not (More)
Transitioning to College
When I first got to Baylor, I was shocked at how friendly everyone was. SO, the aspect of meeting new people was not an issue. However, I also realized that your study habits created in high school effect how you work in college. Being used to puttin (More)
Getting ready for finals
Today I started making a study plan for finals. I have my first final on Thursday and that is Theatre Appreciation, which should not be too difficult since we had a review in class. MIS is Friday and I need to study as much as possible for this final (More)
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