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Blog Reflection #4
I am an okay communicator. some strategies I use include setting reminders for things, providing information almost as soon as I receive it, and having empathy. I need to work on not being lazy when communicating. to me, It never hurts to give more i (More)
Blog Reflection #2
I am not involved at Baylor yet because of complications with Covid-19 and because I am still new and want to focus on my studies. My leadership style comes down to a coupe different fundamentals. I like to put myself in the shoes of the followers to (More)
Blog Reflection #1
Currently, I am not involved on campus because I have just arrived and I'm still trying to catch my footing. In high school, I was very involved. I was the captain of the cross country team, manager for one acapella groups, president of my class, and (More)
Semester Finale
What a semester it has been! I wouldn't have expected a pandemic to put me in such a place where learning could be much easier. Because of the amount of time and insane flexibility of doing school from home provided I was able to learn some pretty sw (More)
Coronavirus and Data Visualization
Well woah how crazy the past couple of weeks have been crazy. Since this whole COVID-19 thing is going on we've had to go through drastic changes in our learning environment. My classmates and I are now learning how to create fancy visualizations fro (More)
Recapping the Last Two Weeks
More recently we've been getting more in depth on Tableau and just getting into the basics has shown me the potential knowing this tool has on my career and life. These past two weeks we participated in two assignments that had us develop multiple vi (More)
Touching Base
We're now on the fourth week of the school year and can now say we're starting to pick up pace on some of the materials in this course. We have already gotten to play with Tableau and I can say I'm quite excited to get more in depth with the program. (More)
Hi there guys! This is Adrian Isaac, I am a junior here at Baylor University pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems and a Certificate in Business Analytics. This Blog will be undergoing some maintenance as it was my blog for one of my pr (More)
Grease Sing Along
One of my favorite events that I attended was on our last day in London. I got to experience a Grease Sing-Along in Leicester Square. The movie Grease is my mom and I's all-time favorite, so it was really exciting getting to see the movie in such a u (More)
Camden Market
One of my favorite things about London is the number of vast markets that they have. On any given day of the week, there are so many that you can travel to. Markets are a fantastic place to broaden your tastes as they offer so many different cuisines (More)
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