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Want to Make More Money? Ask For What’s Fair, Not What You Deserve
To make more money, you have to get other people on your side – whether that means convincing them to make a purchasing decision or encouraging your boss to give you a raise. We’ve found that by simply invoking fairness during the process, you’ll be (More)
Easy and Fast: 360-Degree Feedback Done Right
Providing employees with feedback is critical, but what\'s the best approach? Well, 360-degree employee feedback provides a holistic view of an employee by gathering feedback from an employee’s manager, peers and direct reports. 360s help deliver a w (More)
How Happy Are Your Employees? Find Out Now!
Employee satisfaction surveys are a vehicle that managers can use to understand how employees feel about their roles, the company, its management, its products and services, and even its customers. This is vital insight that can have huge impacts, he (More)
The Insight to be Right
Now more than ever companies rely on customer and market insights to make data-driven business decisions. Data sets the foundation for insight and insight leads to action. When you have insight that no one else has, that’s when the magic happens. The (More)
How to Write Better Survey Questions
Everyone knows that the way you phrase a question matters. “Are you crazy?” gets you a much different result then, “What did you base that on?” So don’t forget that surveys are no different in that respect than conversations. No ifs, ands, or buts ab (More)
Introducing Data Freaks
At Qualtrics, we’re data freaks, and so are most of the people we work with. Why? Because data helps us discover new insights that change the way people do business, interact with each other, and understand the world. That’s why we’ve launched Data F (More)
3 Ways Technology Simplifies 360-degree Feedback
At Qualtrics, we’re all about simplicity. So one of our goals is to make it easier to get and use 360-degree feedback. With this in mind, we pulled together three ways that technology simplifies the 360 process for administrators and managers. The po (More)
NPS & Employee Engagement: From Insight to Action
Net Promoter® is fast becoming the industry standard for measuring customer loyalty and advocacy. Can it be adapted to measure employee engagement as well? Read on and find out! The post More)
Feedback Done Right
It’s a delicate balance to make feedback forms short and sweet, while still getting the information you need. In my previous post I talked about what not to do when gathering feedback. In this article I’ll cover the basics of what should go into a f (More)
Insight Summit 2015: It’s Game On!
Did you attend the inaugural 2014 Qualtrics Insights Summit? Or maybe you just wish you had? It’s true we had a blast; so it’s hard to believe it can be topped, but believe it! This coming February, the 2015 Qualtrics Insight Summit is upping its gam (More)
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