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Hurricane Harvey Relief 2017
  In September 2017, soon after Hurricane Harvey hit, I had the opportunity to go with my church to Houston as a relief effort. Homes were completed devastated and people were in need of extra hands simple to clean up the mess before even mor (More)
Eating Always Helps
Sometimes, as students at a university, we forget to eat on a regular schedule which can be a bad habit to pick up. I am constantly reminding myself that I need to stay on a good eating schedule so that I can stay healthy and happy. This is a common (More)
Final Stretch
Towards the end of the semester, I am tending to feel more homesick than I have been in the past. I constantly have to remind myself to stay focused so I can complete my work. I also know that all of the other students here on campus, including my fr (More)
My Favorite Class
I have taken many interesting classes while at Baylor. It is difficult to say that one is my outright favorite, because most of my classes have opened my eyes to things I did not think i'd be interested in, especially MIS! My mass communications clas (More)
The Sports Effect
Sports have played a big role in my life thus. I have learned some of the biggest lessons of my life about adversity, teamwork, the value of hard work, and commitment by playing sports. It was a difficult decision to stop playing basketball and atten (More)
The Impact of My Parents
My parents are my biggest role models. When I think of people who have overcome adversity and strive to provide for their family, my mom and dad come to mind. Their work ethic and winning mentality and made me very competitive and always want to stri (More)
My roommates
This post is dedicated to three of my lovely roommates! We all transferred to Baylor in Spring 2015 and met each other through Welcome Week activities. Ever since then, we've hung out together and have been living together for almost 2 years! [c (More)
Things I Want/Need to do at Baylor/in Waco Before I Graduate
Yes I know with my joint degree I still have some time before I graduate, but as I watch all my friends leave I can't help but think of the things I need to do before my time is up. I still need to go take pictures in front of the "Waco you look love (More)
Kailani Part 2
We have had Kailani (our dog) for a couple of weeks now. She has been a wonderful addition. I love spending time playing with her. She still bites a little, but she also loves to attack you with kisses. She is scared of other dogs, but each day she i (More)
Colby and I got a dog! Right before my flight home during Thanksgiving Break, Colby and I decided to make a trip out to the Animal Shelter. Instantly we fell in love with a dog. She is a mix of black mouth curr and German shepherd. We named her Kaila (More)
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