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Hello, My name is Tito Martinez and I am a junior here at Baylor University. I am currently a Management Information Systems major taking Introduction to Data Visualization. As part of this course, I am required to set up a blog where I will be do (More)
My MIS Semester
Throughout this semester I have had the opportunity to work in Mrs. Sanchez's class. To me she is easily one of the nicest teachers that I have ever had and she is incredibly helpful. This class is definitely challenging for me in the sense that I am (More)
Finally I tried cooking!
Today I tried cook with my friends and the taste is awesome!!! Both of us did not cook before, so we search the recipe on website. Even though the process is a little bit tough and mess. Anyway, we succeed!!!More)
New Blog
Welcome to my Baylor Blog. This is being done with the help of my Business 1305 class. This whole website is fully operational because of skills acquired through lesson plans. Right now this is just an introduction post with more coming later. (More)
Thoughts on Website Creation
I knew creating a website was going to be an interesting assignment, but I had no idea how satisfying getting everything into place felt. Now it is not as hard as it seems to work with coding, but it is as tedious to get everything to look right. Get (More)
Microsoft Access
This year in my M.I.S class was the first time I ever worked in Microsoft Access. I did not know what to expect from the program, but now I think that it is a great database system. Most of the lessons we learned were about building queries, forms, a (More)
Microsoft Excel
Having finished the Microsoft Excel portion of my M.I.S class I want to reflect on what I learned. I thought I knew everything about Excel from my high school classes, but I was wrong. It is surprising how much there is to do on the program, but this (More)
My Class
My MIS class is really challenging. I enjoy exploring excel and learning new concepts within the software. Yet at the same time, the assessments and practice case was really difficult in the beginning. I wish there was more lecture and note-taking in (More)
Testing Post2
just a test (More)
Testing 1
just testing (More)
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