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Media Project
Below are the downloadable links to both my media project presentation and essay on forced migration. This media project focuses on leadership within the issue of forced migration and highlights key leadership theories present. This is done through t (More)
Media Project: Powerpoint
PPT Is America Equal?-1v30tyf Please click above link. It will not appear to be hyper-linked but it is. (More)
Media Project: Paper
Imagine being and born and immediately being seen as a disadvantage. Everyday babies are born with an imaginary shield around them that causes them to lose out on jobs, opportunities, and high caliber status. These children are born into a life of si (More)
Contemporary Issue Slide Show
The Veterans Affairs Healthcare System-2gs4cjz (More)
Contemporary Issue Paper
The Problems with Leadership within the Veteran Affairs Healthcare System             Military veterans have been afforded a benefit that many people across the nation do not have, medical benefits. The Veteran Affairs (VA) Healthcare system is avai (More)
Media Presentation PowerPoint
Media Project PowerPoint - Grace Tannous-15hj4x5 (More)
Media Paper
Media Project: Foster Care What happens to the children that are removed from homes that are unsafe, abused or neglected? Foster care. It is meant to be temporary until a relative, guardian or adoptive family takes them into their custody, but wit (More)
Victoria Venable Leadership 1301; MW 2:30 November 25th, 2018   The Social Issue of Poverty in Kenya A critical analysis of media coverage on the Issue with applied leadership theories and a Christian approach to resolution &nb (More)
Promotions Specialist for Upbeat Promotions
During the summer and winter breaks while I'm home from school, I work intermittently for Upbeat Promotions doing promotions and marketing for wine and (More)
Builder/Multi-Family Intern for Mohawk Industries
For the summer of 2018, I interned with Mohawk Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of flooring. I participated in training in company sales proce (More)
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