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Roots, Not Flowers: Life Transitions in 2021
By: Paula Huber Roots, not flowers. This seems to be the place I am in most of these days, especially since the beginning of COVID-19. This place is particularly challenging when also facing a major life transition, such as graduating a master’s p (More)
Leadership Panel Reflection
I was severely impacted by the leadership questions, concepts, developmental experiences and methods that the guest speakers engaged us with. I’ve been extremely unsure about my goals and dreams for a college degree and a future career, but listening (More)
The People and Events that Have Shaped Me (September 26, 2017)
Diverse elements knit together my current state of emotion, mind, and ethic as a human. I’m going to go through some of the more distinct contributors: birth, music, and people, in that order. I was born into a middle class, Christian, normal, c (More)
Fantasy Week 13
It all comes down to this week. Currently three of the 4 playoff spots have been taken in my fantasy football league. My record is currently 6-6 and my opponent for this week is also 6-6. We are competing for the final playoff spot and at the moment, (More)
Winter Break
I am very excited for winter break. For one, I get to go back home and just relax; I am ready to have free time. I also get to go back to California for Christmas and New Years to celebrate with family. While my family is there, we are also going to (More)
New Beginnings
With the semester coming to a close, it is time for a fresh start. New classes to take, new people to meet, new experiences to be had. I am excited for it. While I do not know what is ahead, I know that it will be great, and if not, that's life. You (More)
The transition from high school to college strips you of many things. One thing that has gotten me through is the steady friendships I have developed within this short period of time. Having a steady group of people to rely on is crucial on hard days (More)
Romans 8:6-11
This text is used for the Lectionary Year A on April 2, 2017. Romans chapter 8 is the highpoint section in Paul's most remarkable letter. Roma (More)
The best part of moving to waco from La Vernia has been the opportunity to make new friends. Football gave me a great opportunity to make me friends because it surrounded me with people who like to do the same things as me. Making all these friends h (More)
Sense I have moved to Baylor my Family has been very supportive with everything I have been dong. They ave backed me when I decide dot take education risk such as wanting to get my certification in energy commerce. They have also said that they would (More)
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