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Cultural Diversity: How Can We Minimize Corporate Conflict ?
Change is rarely appreciated. We often find ourselves yearning for a new experience to rescue us from this insufferable turmoil and yet, when the opportunity arises, we hide. Rather than allowing our curiosity to temporarily take control, we prefer t (More)
Co-Cultural Theory: How Do We Interact With Dominance?
Whether we’d like to admit it or not, romantic comedies played an important role in making the early 2000s a memorable time to be alive. Though the targeted audience was expected to attract young females, movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days a (More)
Importance Behind Consistency: What Makes A Story Convincing?
The Walking Dead is a television series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. The show follows Rick Grimes, a former sheriff’s deputy, in search of his wife, Lori, and his son, Carl. Rick Grimes awakes from a coma to find himself in the midst (More)
Fake News: How Do We Know What Is Real?
When we turn on the television or browse the internet, we aimlessly convince ourselves that the information we are consuming is true. Normally we seek news that pertains to our personal beliefs in the hopes that we can avoid controversial topics. How (More)
The Feeling of Guilt: Why Do We Justify Our Wrongdoings?
Temptation is everywhere. It’s stored in every crack, every crevice, every nook of life. As a child, we tend to reach for our parent’s hand when unwanted desires tap on our shoulder. We actively seek protection until we gain enough independence to gr (More)
Cultures and Conflict: What Sacrifices Need to be Made for Unity?
Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we tend to feel intrigued by individuals who don’t fit our social norms. From Helen Keller, a young writer who accomplished great things amid her disabilities, to someone as shockingly sadistic as Ted Bundy, we w (More)
Corporate Culture: How Can Civilization Impact Your Company?
It was my sophomore year of high school when I realized I would no longer be sitting in the back of the classroom. I remember staring at the whiteboard longer than usual, trying to adjust my eyes so that the words would appear less blurry. Nothing wo (More)
Maintaining Privacy: Who Can You Trust?
While quarantine provided individuals with an excess amount of free time, platforms such as Netflix took advantage of this opportunity by introducing binge-worthy shows as a way to increase exposure. Starting with Tiger King, people were constantly w (More)
Are Relationships Altered Through Social Networks?
When quarantine struck, a wave of young adults took this unrequested leave as a time to reflect. Whether it was learning a new recipe or starting a workout routine, the common goal was to personally improve. For me, I began to notice how frequently I (More)
Disclosing Information: How Much is Too Much?
I vividly remember the feeling of excitement that rushed through my body when I woke up on Christmas morning. With his name being on every middle schooler’s mind at the time, I knew I had to get my hands on John Green’s book “The Fault In Our Stars.” (More)
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