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Chapter 9: Authentic Leadership
Review Questions - Chapter 9: Authentic Leadership 1. Be able to summarize the early period of research of authentic leadership. Who are some of the scholars known for research of authentic leadership? What were their research questions? Authenti (More)
Chapter 15: Gender and Leadership
Review Questions - Chapter 15: Gender and Leadership 1. How do popular press authors and academic researchers differ in their reporting of gender issues and leadership for women? Popular press reports gender issues in leadership through the metap (More)
Chapter 13: Leadership Ethics
Review Question - Chapter 13: Leadership Ethics 1. Explain the current status of research in leadership ethics. Although humans have been interested in the ethics of our leaders, research in leadership ethics has been to increase prominently ove (More)
Chapter 12: Followership
Review Questions - Chapter 12: Followership 1. What is followership? Followership can be defined as the process whereby an individual or individuals accept the influence of others to accomplish a common goal. This process involves a power differe (More)
Chapter 14: Team Leadership
Review Question – Chapter 14: Team Leadership 1. What is the definition of a team? A virtual team? A team is an organizational group composed of a members’ that are interdependent, who share common goals, and who most coordinate their activities (More)
Chapter 10: Servant Leadership
Review Questions - Chapter 10: Servant Leadership 1. Be able to summarize the ideas of Robert Greenleaf and the historical basis of servant leadership. What are the unique, underlying values of his perspective? Servant leadership, which originat (More)
Chapter 8: Transformational Leadership
Review Questions - Chapter 8: Transformational Leadership 1. Describe what is implied by the term “transformational leadership.” Transformational leadership is a form of leadership that gives more attention to the charismatic and affective eleme (More)
Chapter 7: Learning-Member Exchange Theory
Review Questions - Chapter 7: Learning-Member Exchange Theory 1. What researchers are most associated with leader–member exchange theory? The researchers most associated with leader-member exchange theory are Graen, Dansereau and Haga. As this t (More)
Chapter 6: Path-Goal Theory
Review Questions - Chapter 6: Path-Goal Theory 1. What researchers are most associated with path–goal theory? The researchers most associated with path-goal theory are Evans, House, Mitchell and Dessler. 2. What are the assumptions of expectan (More)
Chapter 5: Situational Leadership
Review Questions - Chapter 5: Situational Approach 1. What is situational leadership? Situational leadership recognizes that different situations demand different forms of leadership. Being an effective leader within the situational approach mean (More)
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