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Leadership Philosophy
Leadership manifests itself in different ways.  The underlying philosophy of my leadership career is humility. Humility is the key to keeping our minds open to new ideas and concepts.  Through it, we can also make new acquaintances not possible throu (More)
Leadership Philosophy
When I was younger, I never felt like I  could be a leader. I could subjectively identify what a leader looked like and how they acted, but I always felt like I was not enough. In my own mind, I wasn’t tall enough, athletic enough, attractive enough, (More)
Personal Leadership Philosophy
Over the course of this semester I have learned a great deal about the different theories of leadership as well as how they can be implemented in everyday life. Surprisingly, I was shocked about how many different theories and approaches have been st (More)
Personal Leadership Philosophy
Over the duration of this leadership class the values that I feel are the best to my leadership path is integrity, respect, authenticity, humility, efficiency, optimism, innovativeness, and last but not least enjoyment. These values I feel are import (More)
Personal Leadership Philosophy
I believe that leadership is the act of giving up your time and effort to help others. I do not believe that leadership is a way to benefit yourself, but rather others. Leading others is not a way to make you feel powerful or in control, but rather h (More)
Identity, Power, and Leadership Presentation Overview
My group chose our topic on the gender differences of leadership. We listed three different questions to ask: who are the 3 leaders, who are the 3 female leaders, and what is the difference of workplace appearance between male and female. We first di (More)
my experiences in the medical field and how they have shaped my leadership philosophy.
to be a doctor you must pledge to do no harm, to act in the best interest of the patient, and to educate the patient about the risk and benefits of surgery (More)
adaptive leadership
adaptability is essential to leadership. as leaders, we must be able to adapt to change. we must be able to change our leadership strategy to provide for the (More)
my personal leadership philosophy
as a leader, I believe it is important to focus on what our followers do, how they do it, and why they do what they do. as leaders, it is our responsibility to provide for followers. this means identifying the needs of followers and being able to exp (More)
Leadership Inspiration
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