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Who Was Karl Downs? Exploring the Life and Legacy of Jackie Robinson's Mentor

A Conversation With Cindy Smith, A Pioneer in Sports Ministry for Women
Paul Putz In 2017 I was a Ph.D. history student working on a dissertation abo (More)
Let's Remember the Life-Changing Legacy of Eric Liddell
Editor's note: To help Christian sportspeople navigate these uncertain tim (More)
Reforming Sports: Herman Bavinck on ‘Sportmania’
[caption id="attachment_1129" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Dutch newspaper excerpt on the right is from the Reformed Youth Journal (1919)

John Hurst Adams, Church Leader and Civil Rights Icon—And Also Malcolm Brogdon's Grandfather
Paul Putz I’ve been a Malcolm Brogdon fan from the time he was drafted in 2016. My reasons were simple. I liked his game, but more importantly, I liked his colle (More)
Reckoning with Race in American Sports History
Paul Putz On a recent episode More)
Uncovering the History of Black College Football
Paul Putz Over the past few decades historians have been cranking out s (More)
What Would James Naismith Think About Michael Jordan And 'The Last Dance'?
  Paul Putz In 1891, James Naismith nailed two peach baskets ten f (More)
Islam in the Foundations of America
Privilege affects how and whose history is told. As a result of this, many have not heard the stories of Islamic people being a part of the American history at its roots. Either the people who were/are Muslim are not mentioned to identify with the re (More)
Leadership Profile: John Westbrook
In September 1966 John Westbrook took a handoff, darted for nine yards, and became the first Black athlete to play football for Baylor and the Southwest Conference. His pathbreaking significance has been written about at several places over the years (More)
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