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I have many ideas, but writing them down is hard. (More)
Maker Meet and Greet
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Makerspaces offer accessible hands-on experience for students
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The Work and Influence of Harry Eskew
The New English Renaissance is a movement occurring in the 1970's and 1980's as interest was renewed in hymn writing.  This movement sought to revitalize the song of the church by writing new texts and tunes while adapting to modern language, theolog (More)
The following posts will be documenting my time in my high school's theater department. I will describe what the show was about, who my character was, and what I enjoyed most about the production. My experience with theater was truly one of the most (More)
Kurtosis for cats
Every now and then you run across a picture that just inspires a comment.  Being sort of a quantitative geek, when I saw these two cats, I immediately thought "kurtosis". More)
Lab#1 Setting up DNA master
Kiersten Scott 1/23/17 The purpose of this lab was to set up the preferences of DNA master and to go over the basics of DNA annotation. Setting Preferences Open DNA master and go to preferences>local settings and change the Archive t (More)
Lab #12- DNA Extraction 11/8/16
Will Mullen Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to extract DNA from the ciliate cultures that we have been growing over the past few weeks. The students who were able to grow a successful culture were able to use the Chelex method to extr (More)
Lab #14- Gel Electrophoresis 11/22/16
Will Mullen Introduction: This lab is the culmination of all the work that has been being done throughout the second half of the semester. It will provide results on whether or not DNA was present in the soil samples. The DNA has now been ampl (More)
Lab #13- PCR 11/15/16
Will Mullen Introduction: In order to be able run electrophoresis on the DNA that we had previously extracted using the Chelex method, PCR must first be done on the DNA. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction which adds primers to the DNA in (More)
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