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(Digital Collections) Rain-Soaked, Pit-Smoked, Pretty Stoked: Digital Frontiers 2013 and Digital Collections as Culinary Theory
Last Friday, I was honored to present on a panel at Digital Frontiers 2013, hosted by the good folks at UNT’s Digital Scholarship Co-Operative. I joined Elizabeth Hansen fr (More)
(Digital Collections) Feeding Our Nostalgia: A Sampling of Waco's Favorite Former Restaurants, Via the BU Libraries Athletics Archive
Although the temperatures outside our offices here on campus don’t reflect it yet, the calendar says we’ve officially entered fall. And with its arrival come (More)
Baylor is making strides in reducing food insecurity on campus
Baylor Free Farmers Market, Nov. 7, 2019 By Sarah Hill A popular campus even (More)
Favorite Restaurant
My favorite restaurant in waco is Sonic. I can never turn down going to get sonic because of how much I love it. I always get a large green tea and a breakfast sandwich. I highly recommend going there. (More)
Penland Food
Dorm food is decent food but not the best. Food at Penland dining hall was good in the beginning but seems very bland after eating it everyday. I usually end up eating of campus but that is expensive. I look forward to what they have to eat in the fu (More)
Combating Hunger in Waco
By Nikki Thompson (Image courtesy of World Hunger Relief, Inc.) Waco is a hotspot for hunger-related issues. Residents who struggle with poverty often deal with food insecurity. That, paired with the food deserts in Waco, results in a vicious cycle (More)
Hershey Kiss Pretzel Treat
If you're looking for an easy and yummy treat to make for the holidays or just any time this treat is for you. It (More)
Chipotle Tacos
My favorite thing to get at Chipotle is their soft tacos. I usually get a small cheese quesadilla as well. I get my soft tacos with steak, pinto beans and cheese. They are so delicious, I wish I could eat them everyday. I also love their guacamole wi (More)
My Favorite Sandwich
There are so many good sandwich places to eat in Waco. One of my favorites is Schmaltz Sandwich Shoppe. I always get turkey and cheese with nothing else on it. I get it every Tuesday and Thursday with my friends, Trey and Andre. It is one of my favor (More)
Viteks BBQ
When family and friends come to town and want some of the best food in Waco, one of my favorite places to take them is Vitek's BBQ.  A Waco staple for many years now, Viteks still serves up some of (More)
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