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Ask Sarah: Musicians and their lifestyles
Sarah, I am writing about musicians in the past who have died of drug and alcohol abuse. I am focusing on musicians including Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and other legends who are noted for their significant contributions (More)
Final blog
My blogging experience this semester was far better than the last, when I also had to blog. I still don't like blogging very much but I must admit that my initial blog posts did help me find my research topic. If I hadn't been made to think about thi (More)
Blog experience
I found the blogging experience to be a helpful and often times enjoyable one. It felt less homeworky than I thought it would be and gave me a valuable insight into other peoples opinions. I did chose a topic that was inspired from one of my earlier (More)
To be completely honest, I didn't enjoy the blog. The site itself was difficult to use and probably cost me several points on my grade due to the fact either I or the site did something wrong on blog posts. I still don't know how to get to the mother (More)
Final Blog post for English Class! Sad Day!
Throughout this semester I think this blog has been helpful. When we posted our curious questions it was helpful when other classmates shared what they thought about my questions. It gave me a better look at what others may think about my topics. My (More)
Final Blog
I had never used blogging as a tool to help establish a research topic. But I kind of liked this idea because it forced me to write out and really think of several good topics instead of just making up a random topic that wouldn't be very good. I end (More)
I found that blogging was semi-helpful.  I did not really think it helped me all that much, but I did get my topic based off of the 15 things post.  That got me thinking about a topic to choose. As far as peer's comments, etc., I did not really find (More)
For me, the blogging experience is what helped me to choose my research paper topic. Honestly, if I had not created a list of my top 15 favorite things, I do not think I would be writing about something I am truly interested in. The blogs allowed me (More)
My Paperthin Hymn.
Thesis statments are always something that require more thought than I initially anticipate. While it is easy to make a general topic statement, it is quite a large task when you must focus that subject into a specific and detailed idea. The hardest (More)
Thesis Statements
Thesis statements are something that I think everyone has a hard time with. I personally struggle to construct a solid and clear thesis statement and continually rehash my thesis statement while I write my essay making the mistake of designing my the (More)
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