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Things I Like
1. Investing 2. Oklahoma City Thunder 3. Boston Red Sox 4. Baylor Sports 5. Music 6. Basketball 7. Soccer 8. Dave Matthews Band 9. Reading 10. China 11. StumbleUpon 12. The Wall Street Journal 13. The Daily Show (More)
The Real American Dream
The education of America's youth has become a hotly contested battleground over the past ten years. With the latest recession, many say that structural unemployment, or unemployment due to a lack of education, is the biggest problem facing America to (More)
Curious Questions--Doping, Listening, and the Market System
Does the climate in professional sports push athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs? Is it the pressure to break records? Is it the pressure to earn the exorbitant salaries some sports clubs will pay them? Is it the desire to perform well to mai (More)
Curious Questions Part Two
Should companies that sell restricted products in the US be held accountable for how they market and sell their products in other countries? Should we support tobacco companies who market their products to children under 13 in Indonesia? Is the appro (More)
Piracy Online
Internet piracy has been in the limelight recently, and considering the universality of the web, any attempts to regulate it are bound to spark conflict. What makes this topic interesting to me is not the debate over what is pirated and what is not, (More)
My Take on the Thesis
The most meaningful experience, that I took to be a piece of advice, came from my thesis advisor in high school. He had me spend an inordinate amount of time on my thesis statement, and I felt it was unreasonable. But as I spoke with him, I realized (More)
My Blogging Experience
While I like to write, and have considered starting a blog, I had never written this consistently online. I think what's kept me from starting a blog is knowing that I change my views pretty regularly and don't like to let my opinions be known unless (More)
Blogging Experience
Although I've never really been into blogging or keeping a diary or anything of the like, I found these blog assignments useful in pinpointing a research topic. The most helpful assignment was the "Curious Questions". It made me think more in detail (More)
Blogging helped me to use a topic that I will cover for my final research paper. Having other students, as well as my professor, give me their input and other ways to look at my issue was really helpful. The advice to narrow my research topic was als (More)
Final Blog
I ended up picking one of the topics I discussed on the blog, which surprised me.  Normally when I have assignments like this I do the required posts, but then end up going a different way with my paper.  The blog helped me to organize my thoughts an (More)
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