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Schitt's Creek and Symbolic Interactionism
The iconic T.V. series "Schitt's Creek" came to an end in April 2020. This humorous, light-hearted, show focuses on the journey of a once-wealthy family whose assets got drained, forcing them (More)
"Bama Rush TikTok" and Co-Cultures
Last month, a cultural phenomenon occurred as students began to move back into their universities as they start back in the school year. This phenomenon occurred on the very popular app, TikTok, and was trending like wildfire for several weeks. This (More)
Communication In The Service Industry
Aside from being a full-time student, I frequent a majority of my time as a server at a local pizza joint. For the past two years Shorty's Pizza Shack has not only been a workplace for me, but also a second home, as my co-workers treat one another as (More)
Dramatic Irony: Why Can't They Just Talk to Each Other?
We have all seen it before in TV shows, movies, and books. There is a miscommunication among characters that leaves them in a frenzy. The audience knows that he is going to propose or that she really loves him, but the characters believe the exact op (More)
Sticks and Stones: Is Rhetoric Dangerous Weaponry?
We've all heard the phrase: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me. When you're growing up and beginning to navigate the world of interpersonal communication, your parents may have taught you this phrase to overcome the tre (More)
Communication Privacy Management Theory: Who's your crush?
Growing up I went to a very small private christian school that offered grades PreK-High School. I had a class of about 30 kids, we grew to know pretty much everything about one another. That being said,  secrets rarely stayed secrets for very long. (More)
Relational Dialectics Theory: Bestfriend or Boyfriend?
The transition from high school to college was a BIG change for me. Coming from California to Texas was an intimidating move, especially because I had lived in the same city, and gone to the same school (Pre-K through Highschool) my whole life. Needl (More)
Social Penetration Theory: Sleep Over Talk
Growing up, I went to a very small private high school in Visalia, California. Our school was 300 students strong and was known for our tight-knit student body. The school offers Pre-K through high school, and many of us went to that school the whole (More)
Expectancy Violations Theory: Stranded in the Desert
This past summer I came up with the wonderful idea of driving from Texas back home to California. I had done the drive before with my mom before the start of my sophomore year. We completed whole 24 hours, from the central valley into the mojave dese (More)
Symbolic Interactionism: An Answer To The Riddle
I grew up as the middle child of 3. My siblings and I are very different, my older sister is quiet and artistic, my younger brother is loud and athletic, and I am somewhere in between both. However, when we set all differences aside there is one thin (More)
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