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Baylor Football
This year our football season would be considered a "rebuilding" season. This means that all of our players are very young and need more time to develop so that in future seasons they will be extremely talented. This also mean that we did not perform (More)
Greek Life
This semester I have been working towards rushing a fraternity. It is well known that Baylor's greek life is first available the second semester of freshman year. This being said I have really tried to build bonds with son of these men. I am looking (More)
Christmas on 5th
On Thursday the 30th Baylor University hosted an event called Christmas on 5th. It was a spectacular event where the University was able to bring in a variety of different attractions. Some of these attractions included plethora of Christmas lights, (More)
Higher Education
I currently go to Baylor University and I am studying Exercise Physiology and Pre-Med. I plan on attending medical school at Johns Hopkins University and using my degree to work and help my parents pay for my schooling. Then, I will get through my re (More)
New to Baylor
Thankful for my Baylor friends.  As I come to a close on my first semester of college, I want to reflect on being new to Baylor. As a new student a few mon (More)
Why I chose Baylor
About a year ago I had no idea where I was supposed to go. I mean a school is a school right? I had no idea what differences to look for that would (More)
Learning to Utilize Resources at Baylor
First semester My first semester has been a whirlwind. Beyond all of the social obstacles, I have had to learn how to utilize all of the resources that I atten (More)
Pre-Business, Pre-Med
Having a very different educational goal from my major can make creating a class schedule very challenging. I am currently taking 17-18 hours each semester, including summer school, until the end of junior year when I take the MCAT. Although the work (More)
Semester 1 Finals
With the first semester of college coming to a close, Baylor students like myself are preparing for final exams. The purpose of these exams is to demonstrate what we have learned over the course of the semester. From my first final on Wednesday in BU (More)
Sorority Recruitment
As mentioned under activities, I plan to rush in the Spring to join a sorority. Recruitment begins January 2nd and consists of an introductory meeting and three days of "parties" where you have the opportunity to go and meet women from each sorority. (More)
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