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Blog hw 4 week 7
1. Give at least THREE takeaways from our featured speaker on Thursday. How will these impact your life going forward. Everyone should travel abroad or live abroad at least once It is super important to experience other cultures besides your (More)
Blog hw 3 week 7
.Complete the MLQ 5X-Short Questionnaire. (back of Chapter 8) 2.What questionnaire scores on the nine factors were most commonly reported. 3 3.In your own opinion, are these scores accurate for you? yes 4.If you were to change or a (More)
Blog hw 1 week 7
Identify at least TWO examples of transformational leaders. AND for contrast, name at least ONE Transactional and Laissez-Faire Leader (real names this time – not TV or movie characters, but they can be someone only you know) Two people that cou (More)
blog hw 1 week 6
Take time to look at the FIVE components of the RELATIONAL LEADERSHIP MODEL. 1.Write each component down The five components are process, inclusive, empowering, purpose, ethical 2.Under EACH component, list areas in which you are STRONG. L (More)
Blog Homework #1 Wk4
1. Does a leader’s motivation for adapting his or her leadership style have any effect on followers? In other words, would a leader with a high concern for task differ from a leader with a high concern for relationships? Explain your answer a (More)
Blog hw #5 week 3
1.In your experience at work, or on a committee, or with a task group, what are the behaviors by others you most wish would change? a behavior I would most change or get rid of would be pettiness or carelessness in ones work. 2.What would pos (More)
Leadership Portfolio (More)
Week 14: Blog Homework
One way a final leadership portfolio presentation inspired me was that regardless of who was speaking we all had similarities in our leadership journey. I also took away that you never fully understand someone's journey and even though we have those (More)
Week 14: Blog Reflection
I have really enjoyed this class this semester. It has really made me take a deeper look inside myself and how I lead. I feel like I have grown a lot from this class as a whole. This class has also made me get out of my comfort zone which even though (More)
Week 13: Blog Homework #6
Case Study 16.1 #1. Some similarities between North American and Japanese working style is that the managers were very indirect while providing feedback. Along with that, they both are very diverse in their work environment. Some differences be (More)
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