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poster presentation 4/26/2018
Lab 14: Poster Design
Purpose: To agree on a design for the poster that will be presented at the Biology Symposium, create and complete a layout for the poster Conclusion/Results: It wasn't terribly difficult to agree on a design because there were only a few that w (More)
Workshop day 4/19/18
Purpose: The purpose was to begin working on our posters and inputting information. Results: We completed our poster and abstract. Conclusion: We will continue to work on our poster and abstract after receiving feedback. More)
Lab 13: Gel Analysis
Purpose: To run our gel through the UV light machine to potentially find DNA Procedure: Place the gel holder into the gel electrophoresis chamber. Add 10 ul of ladder (G bioscience 100pb DNA Mark) in the first well. In the next 6 wells, micro (More)
4/13 gel analysis
Title: 4/13 gel analysis Rationale: The purpose of this procedure today was to run the gels so that way we can figure out if any DNA bands were found. The + PCR and eDNA should have bands. Methods: Add 5µL of DNA ladder to the 1.8% agarose (More)
Lab 12: Figures and Results
Purpose: To perform the Chelex protocol as it had the best results from the last round of DNA extraction and obtain results Procedure: Control Organisms Transfer 400 ul of dense ciliate culture to a microcentrifuge tube. Centrifuge @600 (More)
4/5/18 chelex part 2
Date/Title: 4/5, Chelex Purpose: improve upon our previous trials of the DNA extraction procedure. The chelex procedure yielded the best results from the last trial which is why everyone replicated this procedure again, instead of the MoBio method (More)
Lab 11: Gel Analysis of PCR 2 (COX1 and V4)
Purpose: To run our controls and experimental DNA through the gel (gel electrophoresis) and analyze the success of COX1 and V4 primers using PowerSoil and Chelex. Procedure: Remove rubber stoppers from gel mold and carefully put gel in gel el (More)
Lab 10: PowerSoil V4 and COX1 PCR
Purpose: To make a positive/negative control and DNA sample using V4 primers and COX1 primers Materials TAE stock D.I. water Gel chamber Microwave COX1 primer V4 primer Environmental DNA sample Paramecium control sample (More)
Lab 9: Troubleshooting Methods for DNA extraction/PCR
Purpose: To begin the protocols for MOBIO and Chelex for extracting DNA and to make the control for the MOBIO protocol Materials: D.I. water paramecium soil sample PowerBead Tubes Solution C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 Procedure: (More)
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