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Academy Lecture 3
Victoria Venable Leadership 1301 Dr. Wood MW 2:30 Academy Lecture 4 Brian Williams The Tragedy on the Journey to Triumph Brian Williams started his lecture discussing his life story and about the trials and tribulations he has fa (More)
Academy Lecture #1
Academy Lecture 1: Alana Hill The lecture given by Alana Hill that discussed the idea of diversity in leadership was thought-provoking and powerful. Many ideas she introduced showed the powerful, positive impact diversity can have in the workplace (More)
Academy Lecture #2
Derek Clark: Pitiful or Powerful The talk given by Derek Clark challenged my understanding of leadership and pushed me to look further into myself when considering how I lead. He started by telling his story of coming from a family of full of trou (More)
Academy Lecture #4
I attended the lecture by Chet Edwards, a Democratic American Politician, who served as in the Senate as well as a Representative. He attended Texas A&M for his undergraduate degree and then went on to Harvard Business School for his graduate deg (More)
Academy Lecture #1
This lecture session more-or-less refined my understanding of leadership through the lessons of how the best way to go through life as a leader is the Rainbow. Looking at leadership as a rainbow helps leaders recognize the pros and cons of an organ (More)
Academy Lecture #4
Chet Edwards – Academy Lecture #4 Chet Edwards, a former representative for Texas and the US senate came to talk to us about education and education policy. Within his discussion he focused on the importance of educators in shaping the future of (More)
Academy Lecture #1: Alana Hill
During Alana’s talk one of the main things that stood out to me was her use of a rainbow analogy when discussing effective leadership within an organization. In an ideal world the different colors in the rainbow represent different people and groups (More)
Academy Lecture #2: Derek Clark
Derek Clark also known as ‘rapping Dad’ has become an internet sensation through his viral rapping videos that have received over 250 million views. He is also a well-acclaimed author with over seven inspirational books published. Despite his success (More)
Academy Lecture 4
In the annual Drumwright Family Lecture, Dr. Robert P. George and Sheikh Hamza Yusef gave a panel style dialogue mediated by Douglas Henry on the seemingly unstoppable sweeping of secularism that plagues western society, America specifically. The sch (More)
Academy Lecture 2
Derek Clark has had a rough life to say the least. With his mother being raped, having an abusive father, getting abandoned at a psychiatric hospital when he was five years old, and being thrown into foster care, he had a reason to have no faith in G (More)
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