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Makeover Monday Week 18!/vizhome/SpacewalksRussiavUSA/Sheet1?publish=yes I honestly think that the first visual provided by makeover monday is the best way of visualizing this data set. The stacked bar chart with diffe (More)
This Week: Post #11
This week, I furthered my research on my group project and individual project. Here are a few visualizations I have found from other sources which are inspiring some of my pursuits of creating a story about the successful development of AR. More)
Academy Lecture #3
During the presentation given by Leon and Tiffany Chen, owners of the Tiff’s Treats empire, I learned about how important optimism is when trying to be a good leader. Leon especially emphasized how important it is to remain in good spirits even when (More)
Academy Lecture #2
Academy lecturer Derek Clark emphasized greatly that life is what you make of it. He said that throughout his childhood he struggled with anger and couldn’t open up and love anybody because nobody had loved him. Despite facing traumatic life events (More)
Academy Lecture #1
Ms. Alana Hill spoke about embracing the “rainbow” of diversity. As an advanced country most people believe we are well past the days of exclusion however we are a long way from inclusion. Hill urged us to not only embrace but to create diversity. (More)
Academy Lecture Reflection 1
LDS Lecture Reflection 1-2lipuoz (More)
Academy Lecture Reflection 2
LDS Lecture Reflection 2-1k80mxn (More)
Academy Lecture Reflection 3
lds Monika Korra reflection-12jhnuz (More)
Academy Lecture Reflection 4
LDS reflection 4-29ncnu9 (More)
Dr. Eboo Patel Reflection
Dr. Eboo Patel is the founder of interfaith youth core, an organization driven by unifying people from different religions to promote diversity. The crux of his lecture revolved around the peaceful and unifying acts of famous revolutionaries. One of (More)
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