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Baylor professor to serve on EPA committee monitoring the effect of chemicals on the environment
By Randy Fiedler Dr. George P. CobbMore)
A Baylor Arts & Sciences Top 10 list for 2020-2021
A Message from Dr. Lee C. Nordt, Dean of the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences:

Arts & Sciences associate dean Brian Raines appointed Baylor Faculty Regent
By Randy Fiedler [caption id="attachment_7814" align="alignright" width="246"] Dr. Brian Raines

Dr. Brian Raines, associate dea (More)
To AP or not to AP?...that is the question
Some of our most frequently asked questions have to do with Baylor's policies for credit by examination: what can I get credit for with an More)
Baylor statistics professor wins national dissertation award
By Randy Fiedler Dr. Michael Gallaugher, assistant professor of statistical science in the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences, has won the 2021 More)
Baylor professor wins national award for defense-related statistical expertise
By Randy Fiedler Dr. Rodney Sturdivant, associate professor of statistical science in the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences, has won the More)
Baylor's Model Organization of American States team represents Mexico and Belize in a virtual conference
By Dr. Joan E. Supplee, The Ralph L. and Bessie Mae Lynn Professor of History (emeritus) and director of the Baylor Model Organization of American States Program ---- (More)
Baylor Model United Nations team receives top award at international conference
By Rebecca J. Flavin, senior lecturer in political science and Model UN advisor On March 28-31, 2021, 14 members of Baylor’s Model United Nations team participated i (More)
Day in the Life: Kate
So what does a normal day look like for a chemistry or biochemistry major here at Baylor University?  Although my friends say I am far from normal, I hope you will join me below for a day in my life! 7 AM: Wake up.  I am a morning person, so I try (More)
HELP! I am struggling in my what?
If this is you, no worries!  Baylor has a ton of resources to help you be successful academically and personally, so keep reading to learn more about the support systems available to you. General Tips: Ask for help sooner rather than later.  (More)
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