Professional Networking Dinner

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Are your comfortable eating a meal with a potential employer?  The Professional Networking Dinner goes beyond explaining which fork to use by giving you the critical tools you need to feel calm, cool and collected in a networking dinner situation, so you can focus on the conversation more than the consommé.  Follow this link for more details.  Please RSVP by Friday, April 4th.  Hope to see you there!

Attention All English Majors!

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Are you looking for a great way to build your network, gain valuable experience and become a more competitive candidate for future job opportunities?  The English department is hosting an internship meeting on Tuesday, March 25th, at 4 pm in Carroll Science G09.  Internships are a great way to gain the items listed above as well as practice the important skills you have been learning in your course work.  You might also be able to earn course credit!  Write this date on your calendar, so you won’t miss it!

Island Dreaming

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid /
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid /

Wherever your Spring Break plans take you, I hope you take time to rest and enjoy a much deserved break.  While you have time, think about what you have accomplished during the first half of the semester.  Also, take time to think about the things you want to improve in the second half.  Have you thought about your summer plans yet?  If not, Spring Break might be a great time to network, especially if you will be in your hometown, and explore summer job or internship opportunities related to your career field of interest.  As always, if you need a little guidance with your career plans, please visit us in Career and Professional Development when you return from the break.  Enjoy your time off!

Free Grad School Practice Tests on Saturday!!

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Image courtesy of khunaspix /

Are you preparing to take an entrance exam for graduate school?  If so, Kaplan is offering free practice exams this Saturday, March 1st , at 10 am in the Baylor Science Building.  Sign up for a spot here.  They also offer signups for additional practice exams online at the same link.  Let us know if we can help with other grad school prep resources.

Pre-Health Opportunities!

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Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Gaining valuable experience through internships is critical in just about every facet of the working world and no less in the competitive field of healthcare.  Did you know that applications for research and internship opportunities are due on March 1st for a variety of programs?  Click here to explore the options and apply.

Where the Jobs Are

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Image courtesy of t0zz /

College is an amazing time in life.  You are learning so much about who you are as an individual as well as absorbing a vast expanse of knowledge in your chosen field of study.  Add to all that meaningful relationships and bonds you are forming as well as tons of lasting memories and we might wonder why we would ever want to leave!  Although entering the workforce can be a scary prospect, it is inevitable that one day (hopefully at the end of 4 years!) you will don your cap and gown and meet Judge Starr on the Ferrell Center stage to receive your diploma.  For some of you that day may seem far away, but it is closer than you think.  The truth is that there is never a time too early to begin planning for your career. has put together a list of the “Best Jobs in America“.  Feel free to click the link and explore.  I know I like looking through lists like these because I always learn something new.  Many times I see careers I have never even heard of before and also, I like that this list gives the big picture view of different careers.  It tells about multiple aspects of work that might help with decision-making like pros and cons, work tasks, pathways to the field and a “quality of life rating”.   This list offers a brief snapshot of careers and if you find a few that pique your interest, you might want to visit O*NET and Occupation Outlook Handbook for some more information.

However, did you know that many careers that will be trending in the near future haven’t even been created yet?  These lists are great to look at for ideas, but the job market changes so quickly that one way you can better your chances for careers we don’t even know about yet is focusing on developing transferable skills in college.  Dig deep in your course work and really think about what all you are learning.  Critical thinking?  Analysis?  Writing?  Communication?  Problem solving?  Team Work?  Seriously, take a minute and think about all your classes so far and name 2 or 3 skills you have developed in each.  You may notice skill crossover!  Then, think about which skills you like the most and are most natural for you.  Those skill sets may help you as you explore career opportunities that fit you best and may allow you to transition in the future if a new job is created that seems to fit you really well.

Also, don’t forget that we are here to help you navigate your journey!  Feel free to make an appointment with Career and Professional Development for personalized assistance.


What About Internships?

Have you ever wondered why you should get an internship?  Check out this infographic from



Did you know that Baylor provides students specific internship focused guidance?


Heather Wheeler is our Assistant Director of Internships in Career and Professional Development and she wants to help you find the internship that will help you to be most successful in your career quest!

Here’s a video she put together telling about what she does and here is some information she wants you to know:

Students who completed an internship have been shown to:

1)      Get job offers sooner

2)      Get more job offers

3)      Get higher starting salaries (courtesy of NACE’s 2011 Student Survey Report)

Contact Heather Wheeler, Assistant Director of Internships, at to get started with your search today!

Free Webinar Opportunity!

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Image courtesy of nuttakit /

Have you ever wished you could meet someone for coffee who works in your field of interest and could help you with tips for getting into the career field of your dreams?  Well, I found a resource that might be pretty close to this idea.

Evisors offers free webinars facilitated by professionals in a variety of fields discussing different career-related topics.  These webinars are free when viewed “live” at 1 pm CST.  After the webinars are archived, they cost $3 to view.  The Office of Career and Professional Development does not endorse the paid service, but the “live” free option might be a useful tool in your career decision process.  Another value of watching the webinar live is it gives you the opportunity to ask the speaker questions.  Let us know what you think!

You can view the list of upcoming webinars here.  Scroll down to “Webinar Library” and click the “Upcoming” tab for the schedule of “live” webinars.

A few upcoming webinar topics, include:

  • “Networking with Social Media” — February 6th
  • “Careers in Media and Entertainment” — February 13th
  • “Summer Internship Search Strategies” — February 18th
  • “Careers and Trends in Healthcare” — February 20th

and many more!  Thanks for stopping by.  Remember, if you would like to meet with someone to talk about your career journey more in depth, please make an appointment with our office at  Just click on the red box and follow the instructions.  We look forward to working with you!


“Jobs Made Real”

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Image courtesy of bplanet /

Have you ever wished you could speak to people in particular career fields, so you can hear more about their personal experience with their work?  Maybe you wanted to know a little more about what a day in the life is like for a specific professional to help you discover if that career would fit for you.  Perhaps watching a video about a particular career would give you a clearer picture of what the work environment is really like.  Are you struggling to find time in your schedule to meet with people to discuss their career backgrounds?

Well, if any of these items apply to you, I have a great resource!  I just discovered the website:  Jobs Made Real.  This site offers a plethora of different job titles with videos describing the career and also interviews with professionals working in those particular fields.  You can search by a specific topic, general interests and salary range.  If you are interested in a particular field, be sure and take a look at this great resource.  You may find out some key information to help you on your journey.  As always, if you have questions about your career or major search, please make an appointment with our office here.  As part of your career exploration, meeting with a professional face to face for an information interview is key for valuable insight and networking and Career and Professional Development can help you connect with someone you could meet in-person.  Jobs Made Real may help guide you to the specific type of career professionals you would like to meet!

Let’s Hear From You!

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“Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /”.

Thank you so much for stopping by Baylor’s Career Corner.  We want to offer content that is new and fresh and most applicable to your current questions and concerns.  Today, we want to extend the opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have related to career or major issues and also to let us know if there is any particular career or major-related topic that is something you would like to hear about.  Please leave these questions and topics in the comments section below.  We hope to cover these areas in upcoming posts this semester.

We look forward to continuing on the journey with you and hope your first week back is going well!