“In the Good Old Summer Time”

Summer (1)Ahhh…summer.  A new start.  A change of pace.  An opportunity.  What are your plans?  As we experience shifts in life’s pace, sometimes we notice opportunities to think about things in a new way.  I recently read this article and in it the author challenges readers to ask themselves one question when exploring career options:Summer (2)

This question may be just the thing to help get your wheels turning as you consider life beyond Baylor.  And sometimes thinking ahead can help you realize steps you can take now to prepare for that future reality.  As problems you want to solve come to mind, think of people you may know who are working towards solutions as well.  Conversations with these people might be able to help you discover where to go next in your quest.

Enjoy your summer.  Be mindful of who you are and where you want to go.  And remember, Career and Professional Development will be open all summer!  If you find yourself away from Waco this summer, please email us with any questions at hireabear@baylor.edu.  The Baylor Career Corner blog will be on hiatus for the summer, but we’ll look forward to bringing you new posts when school starts in August!


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