What Can You Do With That Major??


Have you ever answered the age old question, “What is your major?” only to be asked the follow up question, “What will you do with that?”  Next, think about your initial response to that last question — clammy palms, racing heart, cool confidence?  Well, if your initial response is more often one of the first two options than the third, here are some helpful tips, especially if you have found the major you love to study, but have noticed it doesn’t provide a clear-cut list of career options.

1.  Don’t panic.  Whatever your Baylor major, you are developing incredible transferable skills that employers want.  Writing, researching, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, etc. are among a multitude of skills employers are looking for and skills that a variety of majors provide.  Take a minute and start a list of some of the different skills you are learning in your classes.  If you notice areas that are missing, make an appointment with a professor and ask about additional ways you might develop these other skill sets while staying involved in your field of interest.

2.  Get involved.  Student organizations and volunteer opportunities can be great opportunities to put these skills you’ve developed into action.  Being able to demonstrate your experience utilizing these skill sets in an interview and on a resume will speak volumes to employers.  Take note of specifics, including any quantifiable data about the project or program you worked with.  Also, remember what you learned from your experiences and how that might inform future endeavors you take on.  Any opportunities for leadership in those groups can also be useful, so be on the look out for ways you can jump in and help.

3.  Network.  Do you know someone who is doing the actual type of work you like, but are unsure how they got there?  Ask if you can schedule a meeting to hear that person’s story and how he or she got into the work that sounds so appealing to you.  If you don’t know someone specifically, start with people you do know to see if they know someone.  Don’t forget about your Facebook account!  Sometimes asking if anyone knows someone working in a particular field can yield great results.

To learn more about how one liberal arts student found the right career path, read the following article: http://www.yourcoffeebreak.co.uk/career-guide/26338735468/how-to-start-your-career-while-still-in-school/.  She gives lots of great tips for ways you can begin now to work toward the career you want.

If you are still trying to decide what your summer plans will include, be mindful about your choices and how they fit with your future goals and aspirations.  You might be surprised that these summer experiences can be wonderful skill and resume builders that will help you in the future.  As always, Career and Professional Development is here to help you, so let us know if we can help guide you on your journey!

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