How is Your Career Reception?

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Is there anything more frustrating than being in the middle of a major project requiring internet access and losing your connection?  After refreshing your screen several times to no avail and finally succumbing to the reality that going to a different place with better reception is your next step, frustration can certainly set in, especially if you have gotten all settled into your space, knowing that you have to pick everything up and move to a different locale.

Or what about the phone call to someone you haven’t gotten to see in a long time.  Maybe you’re in the middle of catching up on life when all of a sudden the inevitable dropped call occurs.  How frustrating!  You immediately call the person back.  Maybe this connection is better, but sometimes, even worse, the call drops again and you have to move somewhere else with a better reception signal.  How sweet it is to finally resume the conversation without interruption!

Sometimes life is like that.  You start off in one direction, only to meet a roadblock that causes you to rethink your path.  For some of us, these change-of-direction moments occur when we need to rethink our major or career plans.  Maybe instead of a dropped call, you’ve had to drop a class this semester.  Thinking through the reasons that led you to drop the class might provide some insight into whether a reevaluation of your current major or career plans might be helpful.  Maybe you feel disconnected in your courses of study or when you think about the career you’ve been planning to pursue.  Maybe you’ve lost interest in what you always thought you wanted to do.  If this is the case, you are not alone!  The Career Exploration staff is here to help guide you in a direction that will fit who you are and help you find the place to reconnect with a clear signal.

Maybe you already have clear reception and love your major and career direction.  What wonderful news!  Please let our staff in Career and Professional Development help guide you as you reach for your goals.  We can help review that resume so it shines bright and stands out for recruiters.  We can also help you solidify your interview skills, so you feel confidant and sure during those multiple interview rounds.  Maybe you want to meet with someone to gain clarity in your job and internship search.  We can help with that, too.

Whatever your career need, please stop by our website to schedule an appointment.  We can’t wait to work with you!

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