5 Summer Plans to Boost Your Career Goals

5 Summer Plans


The summer is prime time to gain valuable experiences that will help you reach your career goals.  What are your plans?  If you are still trying to decide what you will do, consider these options:

1.  Summer Job

If your plans include finding a job for the summer, why not explore opportunities related to a field you are interested in?  Need further guidance to help figure out where to start?

  • Make a career coaching appointment here to work one on one with a professional to help you gain clarity for where to begin your search depending on where you will be this summer.
  • If  you will be in Waco this summer, plan to attend the Work in Waco Job Fair on April 16th at the Waco Convention Center from 1:00 – 4:30 pm.  Be sure to pre-register for the event here.

2.  Summer Internship

A summer internship is fantastic experience for a multitude of reasons.  A few of these include building valuable networks, gaining real-world experience in your area of interest, building and improving necessary skills, as well as obtaining further clarity about what the world of work in your interest area really feels like.  Remember that 65% of internships turn into full-time job offers, so these are important opportunities to take seriously.  Again, feel free to contact our office for specific guidance.  The Work in Waco Fair will also showcase internship opportunities, so take advantage of that resource as well.

3.  Study Abroad

I have yet to speak to someone who studied abroad and didn’t have a fantastic experience.  Studying in another country can expand your horizons and networks in new ways.  You may find that you learn new things about yourself that can contribute to your career goals. Baylor’s Center for International Education provides a plethora of opportunities to study abroad through their Bears Abroad program.  Be sure and stop by their office on the 2nd floor of Poage library or email them at studyabroad@baylor.edu.

4.  Volunteer

Another great way to gain experience in your career area of interest is to volunteer.  Volunteer opportunities allow you to gain experience in the work environment, network with professionals in the field, and develop new skills.  These experiences can provide valuable dividends down the road as your resume will reflect these opportunities and may pave the way for internship and job possibilities down the road.  Employers may also notice your determination and dedication to your field of work through your willingness to gain experience in the field as a volunteer.

5.  Job Shadow

The summer can also provide an extended span of time for you to explore a variety of fields you are considering by job shadowing professionals in your areas of interest.  If you are searching for the right career path for you, spending time shadowing someone in that profession can help you gain even more clarity about what that work environment is like and what some of the tasks are.  Another benefit of job shadowing is the valuable networks you build by interacting with different professionals.  If you will be in your hometown this summer, these networks may be right at your fingertips through family and friend connections.  If you would like a little more direction about how to pursue a job shadowing experience or an information interview, please visit this link.  Here we offer suggestions and tips for a successful experience.

As with all of these ideas, please remember that Career and Professional Development is here to help you find your path.  Let us know if we can help with questions, concerns or even figuring out where to begin.  We want you to find the opportunities that fit you the best!

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